NPRA under KKM

Approved by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency under KKM – GMP 039/17

100% Halal (Jakim Approved)

Approved by Jakim/(S)/(22.00)/492/2/1110-05/2016

Natural & Safe Formulas

No Heavy Metals, No Paraben Free, No Mercury Free

Ingredients that Work

We provide safe no side effects, no habit-forming formulas and no short cuts

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Results You Can See and Feel!

Since our humble beginning, we have transformed Nature’s wisdom into herbal remedies, combining science and tradition to create proprietary blends rooted in purity, potency, and integrity.


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“Produk Kytee memang berbaloi! Saya belikan Hair Mask buat suami saya. Selepas seminggu, rambutnya sudah kurang gugur dan mulai tumbuh. I love Kytee Herbals!”

Afifa Atira

100% Recommended

“Pearl Cream – Works!. I really enjoyed the way this made my face feel after use. It wasn’t uncomfortable or too harsh. It left my skin feeling soft and refreshed.”

Kyra Adnan